There are a lot of common breeds of dogs which have double coats such as any Spitz breed, Border Collie, Corgi, Malamute, Husky, Chow, Pomeranian, German Shepherd as well as the pug.

What is a Double Coating?

A double coat is essentially made up of a tougher top coat and a soft undercoat and is found on several of these breeds which originated in places with cold weather conditions where it would help keep them warm and insulate in the cold winter season.

There are, of course, a lot of other kinds of coats which include long coats (e.g. Bernese Mountain dog and Yorkshire Terrier), curly coats (e.g. Bichon Frise and Poodle), wire coats (e.g. Scottish Terrier and Border Terrier) and smooth coats (e.g. Dalmatian, Boxer, and Beagle), and it is very essential to know how to groom the coats of your dog depending on its breed in order to avoid some common errors which can make your pet dog very uncomfortable or even place them at great risk during the cold winter or hot summer season.

For the pooches with one or single coatings, simple things such as shallow water pools, iced water, iced treats and keeping them away from direct sunlight can definitely keep them happy and safe during hot temperatures. As a matter of fact, it is the pooches with double coat which require extra attention, particularly when talking about their coat grooming.

Summer months can actually be harsh to your dogs as the coat is heavy as it insulates, it can trap much heat, this is the reason why a lot of dog owners think that grooming or shaving their pet pooch with a double coating during summer will help keep them cool. However, this can also have the other way around.

Reasons Why Shaving Double Coats Must be Avoided

Unless your dog such as the pooch has serious matting, shaving it doesn’t help keep it cool and can damage its hair as well as preventing it from performing its job accordingly when it does need it. The best kind of grooming for dogs with double coats is the vigorous undercoat raking with the use of a special raking equipment which helps get rid of the undercoat.

This vigorous undercoat raking, followed by the bath and the blow dry, will actually separate your dog’s hair so the grooming service provider can get the rest of its undercoat to easily thin it out. This may not appear like it’s doing so much as your dog stays one big fluffy ball however, despite how its coat appears, underneath it can make a big difference.

Another thing is, if you choose to decide to trim or cut your dog’s double coat during summer months, is that the hair does not always grow back immediately or not at all. Especially in older pooches where the hair may regrow patchy and appears to look frizzy. Always consult to professional dog grooming El Paso and follow their advices since they know everything much more than you do.